The Ukrainian sunflower is  a symbol of peace for the ongoing war in Ukraine. Paired with positive affirmations and the colors of the countries flag, these posters are meant to be eye catching from a distance. Choosing to create a series of linocut prints allowed a hand-made texture to show through in the final posters, which is an important aspect of Ukrainian heritage.  
Additional Credit: Kate Clair
Printing Making Process
Each poster features a unique hand-carved linoleum print that was digitally recolored with the colors of the Ukrainian flag. 

Black and White Prints
Digitally Recolored Prints
After scanning each black and white print into the computer, I vectorized them in Illustrator. I then digitally recolored the prints to match the colors of the Ukrainian Flag.
Final Posters
The final posters feature a Ukrainian phrase of positivity or a phrase that is being commonly utilized during the war. The proceeds from the posters benefits Care International to provide relief to those in Ukraine.
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