Relax and unwind with this series of alcoholic chocolates. Spiked Sweets creates delicious alcoholic confections that are perfect for sharing with a friend or enjoying the whole thing by yourself. Featuring hand-done script typography and gold foil, these jewel-toned packages provide a luxury exterior for the chocolate products. 
Additional Credits: Vicki Meloney

The logo consists of  a modified version of Grand Royale with Brandon Grotesque for the description line. The logo was designed to fit snug within the arches at the top of every design.
Custom Typography

I created a series of custom typographic lockups for each flavor of chocolate confection. I also created a lockup for a bottle of bourbon and a jar of cherries to go with the series. 
Chocolate Bars

Chocolate Truffles
Chocolate Beverages
Additional Items
To accompany the chocolate confections, I created packaging for a jar of cherries, bottle of bourbon, and a set of coasters. These items are intended to accompany the Smoked Bourbon Cherry Negroni packages so that customers can recreate the cocktail at home. 

Other Work:

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