​Stephanie is a woodworker, maker, and artist in the Bethlehem area. She creates gorgeous furniture, wall installations, and wooden mosaics. When I was approached by her for help with creating a new logo and brand identity, I was excited. She wanted to showcase the multifaceted aspects of her creative work, so I chose to highlight each letter of her business name with a different element of her business. 
Additional Credits: Stephanie Beaudry
Logo Design
Knowing she wanted to showcase multiple facets of her business, I chose to highlight different shelves, bookcases, dressers, and chairs that she can create. 
Animated Logo
To accompany the static logo, I also created an animated logo to be used on the website. I developed a handwritten style of animation to showcase the handmade elements of her creations.
Logo Application
Website Design 
Stephanie also wanted a website where customers would be able to view her portfolio and fill out a form to order custom pieces of her creations. I also helped set up an e-commerce site, where she will be able to add and sell products as she is able to. 

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