Stile Gastronomy is a molecular gastronomy restaurant concept featuring paper drinks, bubbling entrees, and air for dessert. Featuring personal photography of my own molecular gastronomy creations, the design shows the energy behind these scientific food processes.
Additional credits: Vicki Meloney
Logo Design
For Stile gastronomy, I sought to create an elegant logo that combined the floral elements of art nouveau and the circular elements of molecular gastronomy. There are three different color versions of the primary logo with the idea to have a different color for each department within the restaurant.
Molecular Photography
To create different elements of texture and visual interest in the assets in this project, I experimented with molecular gastronomy techniques. During a process called reverse spherification, I created pearls of encased liquid and laid them out to photograph. In addition, I baked granulated sugar in the oven and placed it on my photo scanner to achieve the pink texture below. 
Menu Designs
Uniforms and Restaurant Assets
Development Work

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