Annie's Outrageous Gardens is dedicated to creating custom floral landscapes and transforming your backyard into an enchanting gathering space. Featuring playful illustrations and bright colors, this guide outlines the rules behind Annie's Outrageous Gardens  branding
Additional Credit: Kate Clair
Logo Design 
The logo I created for Annie's Outrageous Garden's was designed to be playful, yet still sophisticated and high-end. I chose a color palette that included bright oranges and yellows, but was rounded out by more organic, deeper shades of green and the natural tree shapes.
To accompany the logo, I created a series of patterns using the topiary artwork
Letterhead Set
Additionally,  I created a letterhead, business card, and envelope set for sending out any company related letters. The majority design of this was left light and airy with the main focus being the topiary pattern on the back of the letterhead. 
Uniforms and Merchandise
Finally, I created a line of uniforms and customer merchandise that utilize the topiary patterns and a bright and bold color block style.
Final Brand Manual
Finally, I combined all design elements into a brand manual and style guide that would be used for other designers in the company going forward. The manual outlines logo size guidelines, colors, and a product gallery. 

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