​James is a local barber in the Bethlehem, PA area. He approached me looking for a redesign of his current logo. He was looking for a retro, yet clean design featuring the barber pole and the Bethlehem star, a classic symbol of the area. We later expanded with an illustration series for use on merchandise. 
Additional Credits: James Altimare
Logo Design
Knowing he wanted to have a vintage design, I chose to hand-letter the whole logo to add an element of texture and make it feel more retro. I used a primarily off-black and cream color palette with pops of light blue, dark blue, dusty red, and a golden yellow. 
To accompany the large logo, I also created two logo marks to be used as web and social favicons. One is simply the Bethlehem star and barber pole design and the second is a custom BH lockup. 
Logo Application
Merchandise Illustration
Based off an old drawing, James was looking for me to create illustrations of someone with a fresh haircut and BH medallion for the back of a t-shirt.

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